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Spiral Central

By: Cavin Mo

The preliminary inspiration for “Spiral Central (two pictures on the right)” is due to the increasing number of international students coming to Vancouver. Due to their unfamiliarity to a completely new location, it is necessary for us to build a student hostel for international students to have a home that feels like a their foreign, home country. The concept is also largely derived from the expensive and unaffordable cost for homestays. Spiral Central uses large shipping containers as separate, highly affordable facilities that allow students to have their own privacy and space. The overall building will have a management system similar to student dorms and the tenants will have the ability to claim the rooms as their own. Their rooms are completely customizable to whatever makes the student feel the most comfortable. All the rooms are close, while having enough soundproof space to allow quietness and closeness to the neighbouring students, allowing a family-like atmosphere. Spiral Central considers the main needs of international students and solve their problem by creating a warm, affordable, and convenient environment.

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