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By: Cindy Zhang

Ever since the 1970s, the population of senior citizens in Canada has grown significantly, thus it is crucial to provide more living space for seniors. The structure, located in between central and suburban Richmond, has fast access to public transits and public buildings. One of the most important qualities a building should have is sustainability, which is the main purpose of “SLOPE (two photos at the top)”. Instead of eliminating grassland to provide space for structures, my project has minimal impact on the setting and increases the area of the original grassland. To achieve sustainability, I maximizes the use of natural light and fresh air by including sunshades, open areas, multilayered roofs and movable structures. To cope with temperature differences between summer and winter, the shades on the second floor are adjustable, which allow them to close in the winter and open in the summer. In order to provide a healthy and happy environment for the occupants, the structure has to generate a strong sense of community to urge people to engage in nature. Therefore, I included many natural aspects such as a garden for each individual occupant and a green roof. In the end, I hope to express the importance of sustainability, educate occupants about green buildings and encourage citizens to connect to nature.


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