The Folding Market By: Elaine Cui

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The Folding Market

By: Elaine Cui

Folding Market (Above) Since the cost of re-manufacture can even be lower than that of redeployment in some cases, shipping containers are often stacked up and left behind for garbage; therefore, causing serious environmental issues. The idea of reemploying wasted shipping containers by designing and turning them into individual shops will not only resolve this concern, but also create overall economic and environmental benefits.

My idea is to reemploy the wasted materials and turn them into individual shops for business firms. In my model, the two bottom containers are strategically placed opposite from one another to create an intimate central courtyard. Each of these containers is bent at the middle to further define the space. Each container features large openings and windows facing the courtyard reinforcing its central “mixing pot” attributes. The lower level public space is characterized as ‘loud’ and features a cafe and a restaurant sharing the open courtyard’s communal seating because of the idea of maximizing potential interactions. Complementing the lower level’s ‘loud’ program, the second level features more ‘quiet’ programs with a variety of shopping stores. This level features large windows allowing for ample light and views of the surrounding market. There is also a spacious deck for lounging outside, which is above the commotion of the courtyard below. The whole structure works to anchor the temporary market program and provide a unique destination. The location is easily accessible by foot, car, and public transit. Moreover, its original market will draw people from everywhere in the city. Last but not least, its modular container
structure allows for future additions and reconfiguration, and it has the potential to replicate itself at other temporary market locations.